My name is Ash Turner and I am a domestic violence survivor. 


I was in a three year relationship with a person who ended up being a narcissist. I endured 8 out of the 11 types of domestic abuse,

I used to think I was a victim and then I realised that I am in control of my life. I control what this experience means to me and what I do with it. 

After winning an industry leading award two years after my escape, I decided to share my story to empower others to not just survive, but THRIVE after their adversity.

I am not a victim. I am a survivor... and now thriving!

Domestic Violence Podcast
Ep 1: My Domestic Violence Story
Ep 3: 7 things I did to ESCAPE domestic violence
Ep 6: My 6 side effects from domestic violence
Ep 9: Psych 101 - personaility disorders, dysfunctional relationships, addiction & trauma
Ep 11: Domestic violence & husbands suicide story
Ep 13: Escaping a sociopath
Ep 29: Dating after domestic violence
Ep 42: Child Sexual Abuse & Domestic Violence 
Domestic Violence Blogs
7 things I did to ESCAPE domestic violence
My 6 side effects from domestic violence
3 paths we take after domestic violence
Saying FK you to domestic violence
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Ep 45: Dating red flags
Ep 46: Love & Sex Addiction, Alcoholic husband & Domestic Violence 
Ep 49: Workplace sexual harassments 
Ep 56: Sexual Assault, Rape & Domestic Violence
Ep 57: 2.5 year family courts & domestic violence 
Ep 58: 3 years domestic violence free
Ep 59: 11 types of domestic violence abuse
Ep 61: Transgender & LGBTQ Domestic Violence Story
Domestic Violence Video
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